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What we can do for you

OpenGDS is a hub for properties to share their availability, rates & extra's and to receive reservations from agents in all segments.
This way, agents can "plug & play" add properties to their platform without worrying about the entire infrastructure and real-time connections.

OpenGDS - Shared Reservation Economy


Hotels, Motels, Holiday resorts, Campsites, B&B's

  • We give you an easy way to create more reservations by adding new agents.
  • No cure no pay
  • Upsell with supplements, room upgrades and more
  • Handle your special offers with major possibilities like, promocodes, corporate rates, social media win games
  • Fully automated with connections to all channel managers
  • And lots more!


Online Travel Agencies, Loyalty systems, Auction websites, Event/Travel apps

  • We can give easy access to new properties, so you can create more revenue without worying about the infrastructure and availability and rates of the properties.
  • Easy implementation, spend your money on marketing instead of ever changing connectivity software
  • Save at least 1 FTE in support and handling properties
  • Create extra revenue with upsells
  • Create promocodes, discount codes, vouchers on the fly
  • And lots more!


Business-to-business, Business-to-consumer, Business-to-employee

  • Use properties or agents to generate extra revenue for your company
  • Let customers spend more money by saving for an overnight stay
  • Create win actions on your website or social media to enhance your customer base
  • Give customers an overnight stay with their purchase
  • Send hotel offers to your customer base to generate more revenue
  • And lots more!

Endless possibilities

OpenGDS is completely modular designed, this means almost any reservation concept can be realized with our software.

Your company wishes for a customized booking solution, with the OpenGDS API's this can be easily accomplished.

We can supply detailed manuals and open source examples, so your development company can integrate OpenGDS in the shortest amount of time.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

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